Contracting in Sweden

One of the company's most valuable assets

Contracts and Agreements is a central part of business law which includes contracting, contract negotiation, contract terminations, disputes on agreements / contracts etc.

Swedish Contract Law - One of Navia Law's Main Strengths

It is within commercial law and particularly in drafting, reviewing, analyzing and negotiating agreements, closing deals and handling other contract matters, both contentious and non-contentious, that Navia Law has its greatest strength.


With a solid base of experience as in-house legal counsel in various industries, Jonas Gibson has gained valuable experience and understanding of the issues, considerations and decisions that must be handled and made as a lawyer in most business transactions, in addition to the legal aspects.


A well crafted agreement may provide many advantages

Agreements with customers and various business partners may be considered the foundation of a business and the value of building a business around great contracts should not be underestimated. A favorable agreement is a valuable asset and are often very useful in a discussion with a business partner, not only if there is an actual dispute.


In discussions between two parties on how to resolve a situation that has arisen in a business relationship, often the party that has the strongest support in the agreement has a very important and powerful advantage in the discussions and negotiations. The advantage may often lead to that party having its way, which in turn may lead to a positive financial impact for that party, e.g. in the form of increased revenue or an expense that may be avoided.


A contractual benefit can occur in many places and in various forms of contracts, whether in general terms and conditions, in industry standard terms conditions or an individually negotiated contract. Such contratual advantages may be part of the interpretation of a provision for the delivery obligation under INCOTERMS, in payment terms or a termination clause, concerning the calculation of royalty, invoking a performance guarantee, in the validity of a waiver, hidden in the conditions for a transfer or conditions for use of certain intellectual property rights of a license, etc.



Navia Law provides, inter alia following legal services related to Swedish contract law:


  • Drafting of agreements, for example, a confidentiality agreements to facilitate discussions with a Swedish consultant, an asset purchase agreement for the sale of Swedish assets, etc.
  • Contract review, for example, distribution and agency agreements to be used with a Swedish distributor or agent.
  • Legality assessment, for example, reviewing and assessing the legality of an agreement under Swedish law.
  • Contract Negotiations, for example, assisting with entering into an agreement in Sweden, such as a research agreement with a prominent Swedish university or quality contract with a Swedish supplier or an OEM agreement with a Swedish technology partner.
  • Termination of Agreement, for example, support contracts for IT services in Sweden, lease agreements for leasing of company cars or lease of Swedish office space, etc.
  • Contract Amendments, for example, amendments to a manufacturing agreement with a Swedish supplier of consumables, an extension of a license agreement with a Swedish licensing partner, etc.
  • Legal assistance with public procurement in Sweden.


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