Business Law in Sweden

A valuable tool for safeguarding and improving business

Business Law is includes agreements/contracts, negotiations, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M & A), intellectual property law (trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, etc.), distribution / agency law

Business Law According to Navia Law

The specific purpose of the Navia Law's legal services is to safeguard and enhance the client's business. Navia Law's general business law advice shall always be:


  • Practically oriented
  • Solution-focused
  • Cost-effective


Legal Focus Areas

Navia Law provides legal services primarily in the following legal areas:


  • Legal issues related to doing business in Sweden, for example in purchase, sale, deposit and rent, lease, license, etc. of products and services
  • Swedish Intellectual property law, that is, trademarks, piracy, domain names, patents, copyrights, designs and databases.
  • Swedish Company law, incl. corporate governance, e.g. board work and general meetings of shareholders, corporate finance, etc.
  • M & A, inc. business transfers and acquisitions, assets and shares transfers and acquisitions in Sweden


Navia Law can be your external Corporate Lawyer in Sweden

Navia Law can also function as a corporate lawyer providing cost effective general legal advice for the Swedish business unit and taking care of company basics, e.g. corporate, tax, governmental matters, etc. 


With experience as in-house legal counsel Navia Law may also assist international clients' in the procurement of purely specialist Swedish legal advice, when Navia Law cannot provide such specialist services in a cost effective manner. In such cases, Navia Law will refer the client to one of Navia Laws business partners with the right specialization and expertise.


Interested in learning more?

For further information about Navia Law, the legal services related to Swedish business law or to request a quote, please get in touch. Thank you.