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Swedish Legal Services Provider Assisting companies in the Life Sciences sector, ie pharmaceuticals, medical technology/medtech/medical device, biotech, etc. with business law, regulatory affairs, agreements / contracts, negotiations, etc.

Navia Law - Legal Services for companies in the Life Sciences sector

Industry Experience and Specialization within Life Sciences and Swedish law

Industry experience and understanding are key components and sometimes crucial for understanding a market and the underlying business and regulatory structure of a client. This is particularly true in a highly regulated industry with long cycles and high values like the Life Sciences sector.


The reason for Navia Laws specialization in the Life Sciences field of law is Jonas Gibson's practical experience of legal work in this sector, both in Sweden and internationally, including positions as in-house legal counsel of two of Sweden's largest and most successful Life Science companies, and from one of Sweden's highest ranked full service law firms specialized within Life Sciences.


Clients in the Life Sciences sector

Among Navia Law's clients are several national and multinational companies, from start-ups to market leaders that Navia Law advices on many aspects of their business, e.g. commercial, regulatory, corporate, intellectual property, etc.


Navia Law has clients in several of the areas within Life Sciences and regulations on these different subsectors are sometimes similar and sometimes very different, which of course also affects the legal aspects and the solutions that are best suited for each of those clients.


Legal Services for Life Sciences Companies

Navia Law aims at taking a holistic approach to all the legal issues that affect clients in the Life Sciences industry.


Navia Law has a particularly strong offering in business law and contract law, i.e. drafting, reviewing, negotiating (and renegotiating) contracts for various purposes.


Below follows examples of areas typical for a pharmaceutical company or medical device companiy, which Navia Law has experience in handling. For further information on each topic, click on the respective links.



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