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Business-driven and solution-oriented

Business law – A tool to improve and protect the Business

Navia Law offers solution- and business-oriented Swedish legal services at a competitive price. These core guiding principles shall characterize all legal services provided by Navia Law.


Navia Law strives to work with the client to use law as a tool - where possible and appropriate - to achieve the best possible result for the client, both in individual cases and in the longer term.


Navia Law offers the following Swedish legal services.


Business and Commercial Law

Navia Law provides legal services within business and commercial law which includes corporate law. The intent is to serve as a discussion partner and legal advisor primarily in structuring and building the business and in preventing legal problems.


For a more detailed account of Navia Law's business law services, read more in Business Law.


Agreements and Negotiations

Contracts should be treated as a central element in any business. A good agreement gives the company a valuable opportunity to decide for itself the conditions of its own business, both for incoming and outgoing products and services.


Contracts and negotiations are central parts of business law, and as such have been singled out and are presented as a special area under Navia Law's legal services, as Navia Law is particularly strong in working with contracts and in contract negotiations.


Navia Law's services cover all aspects of the contracting process, from creating standard terms to the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement and a potential letter of intent/term sheet, through contract negotiations and assisting in putting together final agreements with the business partners. Navia Law is also active in the process after the conclusion of the contract, in assisting with interpretation problems and dispute situations. Navia Law has experience managing all aspects of the craft and the strategies that can be used to best succeed in managing contracts and negotiations in Sweden.


For a more detailed account of Navia Law's legal services relating to contracts and negotiations, read more under Contracts.


Legal Translations

Navia Law has extensive experience in working with international agreements and other legal documents within many legal areas. Based on such experience, Navia Law offers legal translation services for translation of legal documents from Swedish to English and from English to Swedish.


For a more detailed account of Navia Law's legal translation services, read more in Legal Translations.


Pricing Models

All services are performed on a time and cost basis, unless otherwise agreed.


Different solutions with alternative payment arrangements may be agreed on based on an assessment of each situation.


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