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Business Law Firm in Sweden offering Business Law Services based on Experience from Working as a Corporate Lawyer in IT, Medical Technology with IT and a Law Firm in the IT / Internet / Telecoms sectors.

Navia Law - Business Law for Companies in the IT and Internet Sectors

Experience of IT Law

Navia Law has chosen as one of two distinct areas of specialization to focus on IT/Internet companies and the legal matters affecting those companies and the transactions involving IT and the Internet.


In addition to all the IT related legal work at Navia Law, there is also previous experience in the law firm from working as a corporate lawyer in a listed mulitnational IT company, in a listed multinational medical technology company with IT as a key component in both products and services (software and firmware) and from work at one of the largest and highest ranked Swedish law firms within the IT/ Internet/Telecom sector.


Focus on the Business and Intellecual Property Law

Navia Law assists clients with business law around information technology and acts as a legal advisor and discussion partner for both buyers and sellers of products and services in the IT field.


The strength of Navia Law is in the general business law knowledge and experience. Navia Law's specialization is to be a business law generalist within the IT/Internet sector, being able to have a global perspective and to see each individual transaction and client activity in context. This means that Navia Law as far as possible and appropriate, strive to simplify and downplay the legal aspects for the benefit of the business aspects, but always with the proper handling and protection of the client's intellectual property rights.


The mission is simply to improve the client's business through legal solutions, not just to be a legal advisor.



Navia Law's clients include both small and large companies some with significant IT influence over operations and some are pure IT companies whose products or services are wholly or partly based on software, internet businesses (online advertising, e-commerce, etc.) and companies in other industries with IT products and/or services as an integral part of its offering (eg medical technology companies).


Business Law, IT Contracts and other Legal Matters

In particular, Navia Law drafts, reviews, analyzes and negotiates various IT related agreements, such as license agreements, consultancy contracts for IT services, outsourcing of software development and IT solutions, other sourcing contracts, etc. General terms and conditions may be developed, which may be used independently by the client, or in other cases a more transaction-specific agreement for a particular situation and client is needed.


Apart from general business law and contracts, Navia Law has experience in handling various legal issues, such as general corporate matters (board work and AGMs), financing, mergers and acquisitions and Navia Law provides training courses to e.g. to the sales and marketing function and other functions around legal aspects of doing business in Sweden, management of intellectual property in Sweden, etc.


Examples of areas where Navia Law assists its clients:


  • Contracts for the purchase / procurement / sale of IT products and services, delivery systems etc.
  • Reseller / distribution / agency set ups
  • Outsourcing
  • E-commerce
  • Licensing
  • Cloud Services
  • Open source
  • Technology Transfer
  • OEM arrangements
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Etc.


Interested in learning more?

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