About Navia Law

A brief background and overview of the law firm

Swedish Law Firm with a Modern Approach to Business Law

Navia Law is a business law firm based in Sweden focused on providing solution-oriented business law services to Swedish and international clients doing business in Sweden.


In its current form, Navia Law started its operations in the fall of 2011 with the goal of providing practical legal advice with a business near methodology, much like an in-house legal counsel on a consultancy basis.


Navia Law  is owned and operated by commercial lawyer Jonas Gibson (pictured right) and has its office in Uppsala (Sweden's fourth largest city, located approx. 80 km north of Stockholm), but much of the services are performed where the clients have their operations, primarily in Stockholm.


Pragmatic and solution-oriented business law

The idea behind Navia Law is to offer the same pragmatic approach to the practice of law and its role in a venture as an in-house corporate lawyer, with a focus on the essentials of each client and each transaction instead of just on the legal aspects. Legal solutions shall be designed to achieve the best possible commercial arrangements for the client, both short and long term with the overriding purpose of improving the client's business in Sweden.


In short, the law firm is focused on business law in a broad sense which includes Intellectual property law (IP law), corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and financing etc. Contracts are a central and important part of business law that has been given a particular focus within Navia Law's services.


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Business sector focus

The law firm is specialized in providing legal advice to technology and innovation driven companies, in particular companies in the sectors of life sciences and IT/Internet. Naturally, many of Navia Law's clients are also active in those industries.


In this context, Life Sciences refers to the industries under the supervision of the Swedish Medical Products Agency, Swedish National Food Agency and Swedish Board of Agriculture, i.e. medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, food and veterinary medicines.


IT/Internet means those companies that offer products or services that largely consist of or are based on IT solutions and companies that have all or most of their business on the Internet.


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